4: Enable

3: Group

With the classes defined, you can add and order them in a class group in the Group tab.

If you have multiple interfaces, and want different QoS settings for them, you can create multiple class groups.

Classification Group

The Classification Group tab lets you manage groupings of QoS classes.

This is useful when you have multiple interfaces and want to manage classes differently for them.


At the top of the page is a list of selectable classification groups.

When a particular group is selected, details about it is shown in the configuration section.

Item Description Comment
Default Class Class to use as fallback if packets don't match any other class.
Classes Classes to include in the group. Note: You need to create a class for it to be available in the list.

The Default Classgroup contains these standard classes: - Priority - Express - Normal - Bulk

Add Classification Group

To add a class group:

  • Click the Add button
  • Enter a Name for the group
  • Select Default group
  • Add classes as needed:
    • Click Add a new class
    • Select the desired class from the list
  • Click Apply