The TR69 Settings view allows you to configure TR069 support for device management and provisioning from the WAN.

The TR69 view is divided into sections.

In the ACS section, you can configure ACS settings.


Item Description
ACS User Name User name for the ACS connection.
ACS Password Password for the ACS connection.
URL Location of the ACS server.
Periodic Inform Enable Turn Periodic Inform on or off.
Periodic Inform Interval Wait time between Periodic Inform calls for CPEs.
DHCP Discovery Turn automatic discovery of server on or off.

In the CPE section, you can configure CPE connection settings.


Item Description
WAN Interface Interface for the connection.
Connection Request User Name User name for the ACS connection
Connection Request Password Password for the ACS connection.
Port Specific connection port.
Log Severity Level Logging information level.
Log to console Display logging messages in the console.
Log to file Turn logging to file on or off.
Log file max size Size of log file.
Provisioning Code Identifier for provisioning.