The System Status overview shows basic data about the device.

Option Description Sample value
Hostname The hostname for the gateway. Inteno
Model Gateway model. DG400A
Serial No Device serial number. G542012033
MAC Address Device MAC address 00:22:07:A9:CE:F9
Filesystem Filesystem used in gateway storage. UBIFS
Firmware Version Version of installed firmware. DG400-WU7U_INT3.5.5-160513_1617
Other Bank Alternative firmware. DG400-WU7U_INT3.13-170904_1354
Kernel Version The gateway operating system kernel version. 3.13
BRCM Version (Broadcom Devices only) Version number for the Broadcom driver. 4.16L.04
CFE Version Version of CFE. 4.16L.05
Local Time Time according to the gateway internal clock. Mon May 23 2049 17:21:12 GMT+0200 (CEST) | | Uptime | Time the gateway has been runnning since last startup. | 5d 2h 53m 14s | | CPU | Percentage of CPU processing in use. | 0% | | Active Connections | Number and percentage of connections to the gateway. | 259 / 7660 (3%)`