URL Filter

An URL filter excludes certain URL types from execution.

URLs can be filtered out based on a number of criteria, which can be used together or separately as needed:

Filer Description Comment
 Binary Data Non-ASCII content data with a 200 (ok) status code. This will strip away all images and other kinds of binary data.
 CSS, JS (HTML Only) Text/ASCII data not in HTML format with a 200 (ok) status code. This will strip away CSS and JavaScript files.
 Cached Data (304) Browser-side cached URLs received with a 304 (found) status code. Recommended.
 Errors All errors status code 400 and above, and all URLs with an incomplete response. If not enabled, a reported error will count as a successful connection.
 Host Hostname exclusion/inclusion filtering.

Host filtering can be used to exclude and/or include traffic from particular hostnames.

The filter can consist of a list of hostnames, separated by comma.

You can also explicitly exclude hosts by adding ! before the hostname.



All traffic not from www.example.com or media.example.com will be excluded.


Traffic from media.example.com will be excluded.