Firewall rules are more fine grained filtering rules for filtering your traffic.

At the top of the page is a list of selectable interfaces.

When a particular interface is selected, details about it is shown in the configuration section.

Where applicable, the configuration is divided into separate sections for source and destination zones.

Item Description
Name Identifier for the rule.
Zone Device / Any / LAN / WAN
IP IPv4 / IPv6 address.
MAC MAC address.
Port Port affected.
IP version Any / IPv4 / IPv6
Protocol Protocol affected: (UDP / TCP / ICMP / TCP + UDP / ESP)
Firewall action Firewall action to perform.

Add Firewall Rule

If you have networks/devices set up, you can add them to the zone.

To add a device as a zone member:

  • Click the Add button

The Select network device dialog opens.

  • Open the Select network menu
  • Select the device
  • Click OK
  • Click Apply

Reorder Firewall Rules

The firewall rules are applied in order from top to bottom in the list.

You can rearrange the rules by using the buttons:

Move up
Move down