The IPTV view lets you configure the IPTV server.

Item Description
Differentiated Services Code Point DSCP to use for tagging outgoing IGMP packets.
Proxy interface Interface to use as proxy.
Default version IGMP version.
Query interval Time between IGMP query messages.
Query response interval Time to wait for response to query beofre timeout.
Last member query interval Time between queries to determine the loss of the last member in an IGMP group.
Robustness value Tolerance for lost packets.
LAN to LAN multicast Allow multicast between LANs.
Max groups Maximum allowed multicastgroups.
Max sources Maximum allowed multicast sources.
Max members Maximum allowed members in a multicast group.
Fast leave Leave multicast groups immediately after the last host.
Join immediate Join group directly.
Enable IGMP proxy Turn on IGMP Proxy handling.
Ignore SSM Range Ignore SSM and deliver regular multicasting.
IGMP snooping mode IGMP snooping mode: Disabled / Standard / Blocking.
IGMP snooping interfaces Interfaces to use for IGMP snooping.