The VDSL view allows you to configure VDSL devices.

At the top of the page is a list of selectable devices.

When a particular device is selected, details about it is shown in the configuration section.

Section Description
Name Name of the device.
DSL Latency Path DSL Latency Path 1, 2 or both 1 & 2.
PTM Priority Normal or High PTM Priority .
IP QoS Schedule Algorithm Strict Priority Precedence / Weighted Fair Queuing.
Bridge Setting to enable network bridge use.

Latency Path

The DSL Latency Path comes in three modes: Path 1 (Fast), Path 2 (Interleaved) and Both 1 & 2. Fast is used for applications sensitive to delay. Interleaved suits applications sensitive to errors.

PTM Priority

The PTM Proprity defines how PTM traffic packets should be handled.

Priority Description
Normal Priority Send packets according to their priority.
High Priority Use preemption; lower-priority packets are paused when higher-priority packets are sent.

IP Quality of Service Algorithm

The IP Quality of Service Algorithm determines which type of QoS to provide.

Strict Priority Precedence means that where the the packets with the highest priority always are sent first.

Weighted Fair Queuing means that bandwidth is adjusted automatically according to traffic priority and weight value.