MultiWAN Settings

The MultiWAN Settings tab allows you to turn MultiWAN feature on or off, and configure Mutiple WAN connections.

Below the general settings is a list of selectable WANs.

When a particular WAN is selected, details about it is shown in the configuration section.

Item Description
Load Balancer Distribution Disable / 1-10 (only used in balancer mode.
Health Monitor Method Ping / Statistics.
Health Monitor Interval Time between health checks.
Health Monitor ICMP Host(s) ICMP host.
Health Monitor ICMP Timeout ICMP timeout.
Attempts Before WAN Failover Number of connection attempts before switching to failover WAN.
Attempts Before WAN Recovery Number of connection attempts before attempting to recover WAN.
Failover Traffic Destination Destination for traffic in case of failover. (Fast/ Load).
DNS Server(s) Specified DNS / Automatic Selection / Customized DNS


You can add as many WANS as you have WAN connections.

To add a WAN:

  • Click the Add button
  • Select an available WAN

A new WAN is added to the list.

  • Edit the parameters as needed.
  • Click Apply

Add Custom DNS Servers

To add a custom DNS server:

  • Open the DNS Server(s) dropdown menu
  • Select Custom

Click the add button

  • Add the IP numbers to the DNS server
  • Click Save