MultiWAN Options

Some aspects of MultiWan configuration require a bit of thinking and decisions.

Sample Configurations

Example configurations for failover and balancer are available from the OpenWRT site

Load Balancer Weights

You can add any number of servers to a server load balancing action. You can also add a weight to each server to make sure that your most powerful servers are given the heaviest load.

The weight refers to the proportion of load that the XTM device sends to a server. By default, each server has a weight of 1.

If you assign a weight of 2 to a server, you double the number of sessions that the XTM device sends to that server, compared to a server with a weight of 1.

Load Balancing Interfaces

If an interface is not specified for some particular traffic - and metric and weight are the same - the default behavior is to use both interfaces, which is the Linux default load sharing mechanism.

Interface Selection

When selecting which interface weights you need to take into account how the operator handles traffic. For example, usually a fiber or DSL WAN connection should have higher weight than a mobile connection.

Health Monitor Ping / Statistics

-Health Monitor Method Ping / Statistics. Ping I understand. What kind of statistics are used? Where can one configure statistcs limits? E.g if you monitor like wan stats when does the box determine that interface has failed ? No stats at all at some interval? Some stats in some interval but it doesn’t trigger wan failover because…..?

Ping and Statistics are health monitor methods.

Statistics checks the rx bytes value with the Health Monitor Interval, and if the value has not changed it marks the link as unhealthy.

Failover Traffic Destination

Failover is used when the original link is not available. It is needed both when using a specified interface or when using a balancing mechanism.

When selecting the Failover Traffic Destination, you can choose between Load Balancer, Fast Balancer or using a specific interface. Fast balancer uses netfilter iptables and load balancer uses iproute2.