The Wireless Radios view allows you to configure wireless radios installed on your system.

At the top of the page is a list of radios.

Clicking the Edit buttin will open the edit view for that radio.

Item Comment
Radio On/off Turn radio on or off.
WiFi Mode (SSID) Choose wifi mode.
Channel Choose WiFi Channel.
Bandwidth Choose bandwidth.
Scan Timer Determine the dwell time for channel hopping.
DFS Channels Turn DFS channels on or off.
Beamforming Turn beamforming on or off.
 Airtime Fairness Turn ATF on or off.
Maximum Associated Stations Maximum number of clients allowed.
RX Chain PowerSave Quiet Time Turn RXC PS Quiet Time on or off.
RX Chain PowerSave PPS Turn RXC PS PPS on or off one of the receive chains to save power.
Enable WMM Multimedia Extensions Turn WMM multimedia extensions on or off.
Disable WMM Ack Turn WMM acknowledgement on or off.
Enable WMM UAPSD Power Saving Turn WMM UAPSD power saving on or off.