Speed Test

The Speed Test view allows you to perform a TP Test for your network, using your device as the endpoint.

Option Description Comment
Direction Traffic direction to test. Up and Down, Up, Down.
Package Size Size of test data packages to send. Size of test packages to send.
Speedtest Server Server to use for the test. A number of default servers are provided, but you can edit the list.

Perform Speed Test


Test results:

Downstream: 103.45 Mbit/s
Upstream: 44.10 Mbit/s

Add test server

If you have additional test servers you want to use, you can add them to the dropdown list.

To add a test server:

  • Click the + plus sign

A dialog is shown allowing you to enter parameters:

Option Description Comment
Hostname Test Server hostname
Port Test server port
  • Add a valid Server Hostname
  • Add a valid server Port
  • Click OK

Remove test server

Servers in the test server list can be removed.

To remove a test server:

  • Select the server in the Speedtest Server list
  • Click the - minus sign

The server is removed from the list immediately.