The SFP Status view shows information about SFP connectors enabled in the device.

Information is shown in two tables; ROM information and DDM information.

Note: Available on EG300 & EG400 only.


The DDM table shows information about the DDM retrieved from the SFP.

Option Description Example
voltage Port voltage. 3.1872 (V)
current Port current. 26.448 (mA)
tx-pwr Broadcasting power. 0.3530 (mW)
tx-pwr-dBm Broadcasting power. -4.5223 (dBm)
rx-pwr Received signal power. 0.3026 (mW)
rx-pwr-dBm Received signal power. -5.1913 (dBm)
rx-pwr-type Received power type. average


The ROM table shows information about the ROM.

Option Description Example
 connector Connector type. SC
ethernet Ethernet type. LX
encoding Encoding type. 8B10B
rate Line rate. 1300
single-mode Single mode distance. 20000
vendor Port manufacturer or vendor. Skylane Optics
oui Organizationally Unique Identifier. 00:25:cd
pn Product name. SBU35020DR3D000
rev ROM Revision. A
sn Serial Number b19bmjrx1857
date ROM date. 2016-04-21
ddm DDM version 9.3