Port Forwarding

In the Port Forwarding tab you can map incoming connections on different ports to ports on the client.

Item Description
Name Port name.
Excluded ports Protected ports that can't be mapped.
Public port Public (external) port.
Private port Private (client) port.
Protocol Protocol.


The protocol setting filters traffic by protocol for the port forward.

Protocol Description
TCP + UDP Both TCP and UDP.
TCP TCP only.
UDP UDP only.
All Any protocol.

To map incoming connections:

  • Click Add mapping to open the mapping section

The mapping section lets you add configuration settings for the mapping.

Ports can be added one by one (80), as comma-separated lists (8080, 8090) or as ranges (21-22).

  • Add information:
    • Add a name as identification
    • Add ports:
      • Add public/incoming port(s)
      • Add private/client port(s)
    • Select protocol
  • Click Save
  • Click Close

Your information has now been saved and is visible in the mapping list.