The Status tab shows information about the client and the connection.

Item Description
Hostname The client Hostname.
IP Address Assigned IP address.
MAC Address MAC address.
DHCP DHCP status.
Connected Connection status.
Link Speed Type of negotiation, speed and duplex for the connection.

For WiFi clients, the Wireless Details section shows detailed information about the wireless connection. All data is measured since last downtime.

Item Description Example
Frequency WiFi frequency band for the access point. 2.4GHz
RSSI RSSI strength for the signal. -64 dBm
SNR Signal-To-Noise-Ratio. 21 dBm
Idle Time idle. 1 s
In Network Time in network. 1813 s
WME Status of WMM. True
Power Save Is Power save enabled? False
N Mode Is 802_11n supported? True
VHT Mode Is 802_11ac supported? False
TX Bytes Transmitted bytes. 2438426
RX Bytes Transmitted bytes. 347988
TX Rate Transmission rate. 58 Mbps
RX Rate Recieve rate. 6 Mbps