The IUP view allows you to set up parameters for provisioning services and configurations with Inteno Universal Provisioning.

The IUP view is divided inte several sections.

In the General section you can manage general provisioning settings.

Item Description
Enabled Turn provisioning on or off.
Update interval start time Time of day to start update.
Update interval Hourly / Daily / Weekly.
Export file Download provisioning file.

In the Main Provisioning Server section you can add a manual provisioning server address.

Note: This will override DHCP Discover Provisioning, even if it is enabled.

Item Description
Enabled Turn main provisioning server on or off.
Reboot Reboot after configuration has been applied.
URL Address to the provisioning server.
Decryption Key Key for encrypted provisioning archive.

In the DHCP Discover Provisioning Server section you can enable automatic discovery of provisioning server.

Item Description
Enabled Turn software update on or off.

In the Software Update Config section you can configure online update of software.

Item Description
Enabled Turn software update on or off.
Item Description
Enabled Turn software update on or off.
Default reset Remove device configurations and set to default.
Software URL Location of software configuration.

In the sub configs section you can add sub configurations of specific parts.

Item Description
URL Location of configuration file.
Package Control
Enabled Turn sub configurations on or off.

Add Sub Config

To add a sub configuration:

  • Click Add sub config
  • Enter the URL for the configuration file
  • Enter the relevant Package Control
  • Select if the su config should be Enabled