Parental Control

Parental control is used to restrict access to the network for particular devices.

Parental control is handled by setting schedules where access is restricted to explicitly named MAC addresses.

Item Description
Weekdays List of days the filter applies.
Start Time Time of day to start filtering.
Stop Time Time of day to stop filtering.
MAC Addresses List of device MAC addresses.

Start and Stop Times

The start time for a rule has to be lower than the end time.

If you want to have a rule that goes over midnight, you need to add two rules, one up until midnight, and one from midnight to when you want the rule to end.

For example:

Rule one: From 21:00 To 23:59 Rule two: From 00:00 To 06:00

A single rule of From 21:00 To 06:00 will not be saved.