Administration of the gateway is done through a web interface. All settings are accessible through an address on your local network.

To access the web interface, you need the following:

An installed gateway device.

A computer connected to the LAN or WLAN port on the device.

A web browser installed on the computer.

The default address for the web interface is

Access web interface

To access the web interface you need to use your web browser. There are multiple ways of accessing the interface.


To login to the web interface, you use a user name and a password.

User Roles

The web interface uses Roles to provide and restrict access to the various features in the device.

There are four pre-defined roles: User, Support, Admin, and Root.

User Modes

In addition to User Roles, the User Modes may provide further constraints on what settings and features are displayed in the web interface.

Note: The mode affects display only, the features are still available and operational.


Depending on your device and/or geographical region, certain features may be unavailable in the interface.

The menu contains a number of items, which provide access to various parts of the web interface.

Applying changes

When you change a setting or a value in the interface, it gets added to a list of changes. The changes will not take effect until you click apply.