The Voice provides access to settings relating to voice communications through the device.

Call Log

The Call Log view shows a list of the recent calls handled through the device.

SIP Accounts

The SIP Accounts view shows information about configured SIP accounts for the device.

SIP Users

The SIP Users view shows information about configured SIP users for the device.

Voice Lines

The Voice Lines view shows a list of available voice lines for the device and allows you to configure them.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings view contains advanced settings for SIP , voice lines and dial plans.

Number Blocking

The Number Blocking view allows you to block outgoing calls to specific numbers or or number ranges.

Ringing Schedule

The Ringing Schedule view lets you define when telephones should be allowed to ring.

Speed Dialing

The Speed Dialing view lets you configure a set of shortcode numbers that convert to the specified numbers when dialled.

DECT Radio

The Dect Radio view allows you to configure DECT radio settings.