The System view provides access to device information, management, provisioning and settings.

General Settings

The General Settings view contains basic device settings.

Item Description
Local Time Local time for the device.
Timezone Device timezone setting.
Hostname Device hostname.

The Menu Access view allows you to switch access to menus and menu items in the web interface on or off.


The Passwords view lets you change passwords for device users.

Firmware Upgrade

The Firmware Upgrade view lets you upgrade the device firmware by using image files.


The Backup/Restore view allows you to manage backups and resets of the device.


The IUP view allows you to set up parameters for provisioning services and configurations with Inteno Universal Provisioning.


The TR69 Settings view allows you to configure TR069 support for device management and provisioning from the WAN.


The Management view lets you configure WAN to SSH connections and access to services.

Power Management

The Power Management view allows you to manage CPU effiency and Ethernet hardware ports.


The Services view lets you manage system services on the device.


The Restart page allows to restart your Internet connection and reboot your device.