1: WAN Interfaces

As a first step, you need to add all network interfaces that should be part of the MultiWAN.

The following prerequisites apply:

  • The interface must be enabled and working.
  • All addresses defined in the Host(s) to ping settings are reachable from the interface.
  • The Create Default Route must be enabled for the interface.
  • The Gateway Metric must be unique for the interface.


The MultiWAN Settings tab allows you to add or edit multiple WAN connections and turn them on or off. You can also configure thresholds for WAN up/down detection and reliability monitoring.


Below the general settings is a list of selectable WANs.

When a particular WAN is selected, details about it is shown in the configuration section.

Item Description Comment
Enabled Turn WAN on or off.
Family Type of WAN. IPv4 / IPv6
Tracking Type Method to determine if the WAN is online. IP / Gateway / DNS
Host(s) to ping List of hosts to ping. Used to determine WAN status. If this value is not set, the interface is always considered up.
Interface Reliability Number of hosts that must reply for the interface to be considered up. At least this many hosts must be defined or the interface will always be considered down.
Number of Pings Number of pings to send to each host.
Timeout Number of seconds to wait for reply from host.
Interval Number of seconds between each test.
Up Number of successful tests to consider interface as up.
Down Number of failed tests to consider interface as down.



You can add as many WANS as you have WAN interfaces.