Quality Of Service

The Quality Of Service view allows you to configure parameters for Quality of Service through applying groups of classes to interfaces.


The interface tab lets you select interfaces and configure Quality of Service profiles for them.


The class tab lets you manage QoS classes.

Classification Group

The Classification Group tab lets you manage groupings of QoS classes.

classgroup blocks are used to define different class groupings. This is only really useful if you wish to have multiple interfaces with different class considerations, for example, you might want eth1 to have an ultrapriority class or something.

This is useful when you have multiple interfaces and want to manage classes differently for them.


The classify tab lets you configure filtering parameters in order to define types of traffic to include in which Class.

Classification assigns a class to traffic in a connection, but only affect connections which have not been assigned a traffic class already.


The Reclassify tab lets you configure filtering parameters in order to redefine types of traffic to include in which Class.

Reclassification can override the class on a per packet basis without altering the defined classification .


In order to use Quality of Service on the traffic for your device, you need to perform a number of configurations.

1: Class

The classes define how network traffic is to be prioritized and allocated.

There are a number of predefined classes, but you can add your own.

2: Classify/Reclassify

In order to direct traffic to the correct classes, you need to define classificaton rules in the Classify tab.

Since the classification only affects connections that haven't already been classified you may also need to apply filters in the Reclassify tab.

3: Class Group

With the classes defined, you can add and order them in a class group in the Class Group tab.

If you have multiple interfaces, and want different QoS settings for them, you can create multiple class groups.

4: Enable

As a final step, you enable QoS for the desired interface in the Interface tab.